In addition to hosting specific events, OMEGA also has several ongoing, larger-scale initiatives aimed at improving the ME graduate student experience.  Check out each of the sub-pages listed below for details, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

We're also always looking for new ways to enhance the ME graduate community.  If you have ideas, talk to one of our officers at any OMEGA event or fill out the contact us form.

Current OMEGA Initiatives

OMEGA strives to represent the interests of graduate students at Purdue to the ME department and Purdue university-level leadership.  We welcome your feedback and want to advocate for your ideas and constructive criticism.  To aid in this effort, we have set up a feedback form (optionally anonymous) which you are invited to fill out to share any form of feedback, ideas, or other comments related to the ME graduate student experience at Purdue.

While OMEGA does not directly provide tutoring services, in collaboration with the College of Engineering (CoE), we maintain a list of graduate students who are open to serving as tutors.  Tutoring arrangements must be made between individual students; however, OMEGA and/or CoE staff will review potential tutors' applications to verify they demonstrate proficiency prior to adding them to the list.  If you're looking for a tutor or interested in being added to the tutor list, check out our Tutoring page.

Grad school can be challenging and stressful.  OMEGA can't eliminate this, but we do our best to organize de-stress events and socials to help ME grad students take a break from research and schoolwork and relax with other grad students.  Check out our Past Events page to see examples of some of the events we've done previously, and subscribe to our Calendars to see upcoming events!

Intramural (IM) sports are a series of many different sports leagues hosted by Purdue Recreation and Wellness.  These leagues typically have short seasons and are intended for students who aren't expert athletes, so they're a great way for anyone to stay active and meet new people.  OMEGA sponsors teams of ME graduate students, so invite some friends or join a existing team!

OMEGA's Speaker Series welcome accomplished Purdue alumni -- including industry representatives, faculty, and other speakers -- to share their invaluable insights with aspiring ME graduate students.  Speakers are invited to share their experience, including pivotal choices between industry and academia and the hurdles they confronted along their academic path, and students are encouraged to ask questions and learn from this valuable mentoring and networking opportunity.